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Lumber storage is always a problem in a shop. This shelving system is uniquely designed to make maximum use of space and has the tremendous advantage of being a front-loading system.

The wall straps, in lengths of 24" and 55", are hot-rolled steel with flanges 3/16" thick and corner sections over 1/4" thick. The 24" strap has an offset tail that lets you fasten it with the top bolt of the 55" strap. The shelf adjustment holes are 1 1/2" apart. Both the brackets and the wall straps are hot-dipped galvanized steel.

The brackets, made from #7 gauge steel (3/16" thick), are nearly impossible to bend. The 18" bracket will support a 300 lb load at the tip. That means that it will hold a 600 lb load evenly distributed along its length. Four brackets would hold 2400 lb of lumber - over one ton. The shorter brackets will support even more because they are of the same gauge steel and the moment arm is shorter. In short, the practical limitations of the system are the strength of the wall that it is attached to and the method of attachment.

A storage system can be designed in a variety of ways, but a practical method for a small shop is to use 10" or 14" brackets for lower storage with 14" or 18" brackets at the top to store short pieces. For good lumber storage, you should not space the wall straps more than 3' apart; 2' is ideal. A system for lumber up to 12' would therefore include a minimum of 5 wall straps, and as many brackets as you need.

For attachment directly to poured concrete walls, we recommend Hilti bolts (sold separately).

Installation instructions are included for stud and concrete walls.

Made in Canada.

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