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This set of four cleaning erasers is made in Germany by Läufer, a company well known for making specialty erasers. They work well removing dirt and smudges from hard-to-clean surfaces.

Each eraser is intended for a specific surface but will remove many types of marks and stains. The metal eraser works well on bare metals. The leather eraser performs well on clothing, luggage and furniture. The wallpaper eraser cleans both wallpaper and painted surfaces. Use the floor eraser on hardwood, laminate, linoleum and ceramic flooring.

The kit comes in a plastic storage case and includes instructions for the best methods for using each eraser. The metal eraser is made of natural rubber with fine abrasives and measures 1 1/8" × 3/8" × 2" (29mm × 10mm × 49mm). The leather, wallpaper and floor erasers are made of synthetic materials; each measures 1 1/8" × 3/4" × 2" (29mm × 18mm × 49mm).

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