Accessibility Statement


For excellent protection against ticks as well as airborne biting insects, these full-length mesh pants keep children protected from waist to ankles without having to use repellent.

Light and unobtrusive, the 100% polyester mesh fabric lets the breeze in while keeping bugs out. Made in the USA from an ultra-fine mesh with 2400 openings per square inch, it provides an effective barrier that even tiny gnats and biting midges can’t penetrate.

The mesh is also surprisingly tough, with a slightly stiff texture that helps it hold its shape, creating space between the mesh and the child’s skin so bugs can’t bite through it, while helping it resist snagging on branches as a softer mesh would. Sturdy elastic accommodates a range of waist sizes, while full-width rib-knit cuffs on the pant legs stretch for a snug but comfortable fit whether worn over bare legs or over pants and socks.

Offered in two sizes, each intended to fit loosely over a range of standard children’s clothing sizes. The small fits children’s sizes 4 to 6; medium fits children’s sizes 7 to 10. If in doubt, order the larger size. Machine washable.

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