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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

Chances are, if a shirt button is going to come loose, it will do so right before that big meeting or some equally inopportune occasion. That’s why these fasteners are such a good idea – they let you reattach a button without needle, thread or colorful language (and in less time than it takes many of us to thread a needle).

Poke the two-prong portion through the material from behind, preferably by re-using the holes left by the original thread. You then set the button onto the prongs and fold over the other half of the fastener to meet them – the two parts lock together and break away from the carrier with a twist. Two fasteners are used on a typical four-hole button, holding it securely and inconspicuously enough to get you through the day; they will even stand up to several washes.

They’re tough once installed, but breakage can occur during a hasty installation – particularly with heavier fabrics, a gentle touch is recommended (and carrying a spare or two couldn’t hurt!).

Available in white or black.

Made in Sweden.