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There are things people don’t like talking about even with close acquaintances. One of those uncomfortable subjects is toes – and all the strange things that happen to them after decades of being packed together in restrictive footwear.

These socks offer relief for many common toe woes. By keeping each toe contained in its own cushioning sleeve of soft fabric, they help prevent the digits from rubbing together or bunching uncomfortably. The light-gauge, durable material contains cotton for comfort, naturally wicking fibers to keep feet feeling dry, and spandex for a snug fit. While the thin fabric provides a close dress-sock-like fit overall, you may find that the added layers between the toes can cause shoes to fit slightly more snugly in that area. Those unafraid to breach fashion protocols will note that these socks also let you extend flip-flop season well into the colder months.

Available in two color combinations and two sizes. Surprisingly comfortable, they are an excellent way to reward your toes.

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