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A GFCI is an important device that monitors the flow of electricity and automatically interrupts circuit if it detects a dangerous electrical current change.

While GFCI outlets are common in bathrooms, they are not often available in other parts of the home

This portable GFCI has a 3', 12-gauge cord with three receptacles for use with multiple devices, and is intended to be plugged directly into a wall receptacle (not into an extension cord).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is rated at 15 amps (1875 watts) and includes both test and reset functions.

Test function should be employed before each use. Manual reset is required after a GFCI trip or power outage to prevent unintentional equipment start-up.

Indicator lights on the control box and at the receptacles display that power is flowing. UL certified.

Recommended for use with all portable tools.

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