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Excellent value, this 171-piece assortment of polyolefin tubing includes a range of tube diameters and lengths in various colors, making it easy to select the right size for the job.

At about 110°C (230°F), the tubing shrinks by up to half its diameter with no change in length, molding around surface irregularities or items of different diameters. The tubing is simple to use; just slide it over the connection you want to bind and heat it with a torch or heat gun for a few seconds.

This creates a seamless jacket that offers good electrical insulation and is strong, flexible and resistant to water, abrasion and solvents. While commonly used for sheathing wire connections, shrink tubing has numerous uses around the shop, from color-coding bits and cables to replacing whipping on cord ends (like a shoelace tip).

A great assortment to have at hand.

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