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Hidden out of the way until you need it, this power bar pulls out of a counter or desk top to reveal three standard sockets and two USB charge ports. When closed, all that is visible is an unobtrusive cover with a stainless-steel finish. The sockets and USB charge ports can be turned on or off. It is 13" tall when fully extended, with a catch at the bottom to hold it in place when drawn out fully, and a detent halfway down to hold it in position if opened partially (leaving the top socket and USB charge ports accessible). You can even hide the bar completely with USB cables still plugged into the charge ports; they feed out of a slot under the hinged handle.

It is straightforward to install in any desk or counter up to 2 1/4" thick; simply insert the power bar in a 3 1/2" diameter hole and then tighten the ring nut to clamp the desktop from below. To prevent rotation, the ring nut can be secured in place with the included screws.

A minimum of 18" of vertical space is required beneath the mounting surface. A rubber gasket on the collar helps prevent desktop spills from leaking into the hole. The 78 3/4" long cable plugs into a standard grounded outlet. The sockets are rated to 120V AC, 10A and the USB charge ports are rated to 5V DC, 2100mA. This non-surge-protected fixture is ETL approved for Canada and the USA.

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