Accessibility Statement


This is a great idea. Designed for use with iPhone 6 or 6s phones, this slim leatherette wallet helps reduce the clutter in your pockets or purse by combining a billfold with a smartphone case. The wallet has a large pocket for bills and three slots for cards inside the cover. Your phone is held in a removable case molded from impact-resistant polycarbonate.

The case has openings to permit access to all the phone's ports and buttons, and is thin enough that your phone will slip into most device docks without having to remove it (if not, removing it takes about two seconds).

An optional belt clip is supplied to let you use the phone case separate from the wallet. The wallet cover folds over the phone case to protect the screen; a strong rubber strap keeps it closed.

A magnetic clip that lets you mount your phone to compatible Steelie bases is offered separately.