Accessibility Statement


Attached to the back of a tablet, e-reader or similar device, this knob gives you a secure handhold without blocking the screen. The two-piece design is composed of a low-profile magnetic disc that installs on any device (or a rigid case) and a rubber-tipped aluminum knob.

The knob (1 1/8" in diameter, 1 9/16" tall) attaches instantly and securely to the magnet to provide a comfortable grip, and also acts as a prop to hold the screen at a comfortable viewing angle when set on a flat surface.

You can detach the knob to store the device in a soft-sided case or sleeve; at only 3/16" thick and 1 1/4" in diameter, the magnetic disc doesn't get in the way. Additional magnetic discs for mounting other devices are available separately.

To move the magnet to a different device, you can loosen the adhesive pad with rubbing alcohol. A package of two replacement pads for the magnet is offered separately.

A versatile accessory for any tablet.

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