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This kit gives you a simple, reliable means to mount a tablet to a wall or other vertical surface, permitting hands-free viewing without taking up valuable space on counters or desktops. A low-profile 1 1/4" diameter magnetic mounting disc attaches to your device with a strong peel-and-stick backing.

The disc then clings to a hemispherical steel wall pedestal, allowing an impressive range of adjustment – you can pivot the viewing angle vertically or horizontally, and rotate the screen to portrait or landscape orientation. The magnetic connection holds the device securely but allows instant removal with just a firm tug.

Projecting 1 3/4" from the wall surface, the pedestal comes with a drywall anchor and screw, and high-friction pads on the underside of the 2 3/4" diameter base prevent it from rotating in use. To move the magnetic disc to a different device, loosen the adhesive pad with rubbing alcohol; additional magnetic mounting discs are also available separately, allowing you to interchange devices.

A package of two replacement adhesive pads for the magnetic discs is available separately.

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