Discontinued. Limited stock.

This is one of the simplest methods for keeping your eavestroughs and downspouts clear.

Resembling an oversized pipecleaner, the brush is made of 4 1/2" diameter, UV-stable polypropylene bristles twisted in a double coil of galvanized steel. Slipped into standard 5" wide eavestroughs (no tools required), it stays firmly in place to block leaves and debris from accumulating in gutters and downspouts, but is hidden from ground-level view. While leaves stay on top of the stiff bristles, water drains through easily.

Annual clean-up of gutters is easy—remove the brush and shake it out. Cover the entire length of your gutters with brushes for best results, or place them over downspouts and in areas where debris builds up.

Available in a 15' kit containing four 36" brushes and two 18" brushes, and a 30' kit with nine 36" and two 18" brushes.

Made in USA.