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Based on a traditional Asian design, this rain chain serves as a decorative but effective alternative to a regular downspout. Water from your eaves cascades down the chain through a series of fluted crocus-shaped funnels and flows from the bottom of the chain, which can be positioned over a splash plate or rain barrel.

Easy to install without tools or fasteners, the chain hangs from a powder-coated aluminum support bracket (available separately) that inserts into a standard 3" to 4 1/2" wide downspout opening of an eavestrough. Links are easily opened by hand, so you can connect multiple chains (supplied in 3' sections) or remove excess links for a custom fit.

Made from copper with brass funnel connectors, the chain will develop a weathered patina over time.

Please measure the height of your eaves before ordering to ensure you purchase an adequate number of chain sections.

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