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Discontinued. Limited stock.

For a range of household jobs from washing vehicles and windows to cleaning siding, this industrial-grade sprayer lets you spray foaming cleaners, detergents or liquid soaps using a standard garden hose.

To help you dilute the cleaner in an accurate ratio (according to the cleaning product manufacturer’s instructions), a dial with settings from zero through five on the mixing head lets you select the rate the liquid is siphoned from the container and mixed with water flowing from the hose. The durable 32 oz poly container has see-through sides with graduations to 26 oz.

The foaming nozzle has a built-in filter to prevent clogging, and you can set the spray pattern to a vertical or horizontal fan by twisting the nozzle tip. The metal spray pistol has a rubber-like coating to improve grip and insulate your hand from the cold water. It has a lever-controlled on/off trigger, as well as a brass quick connect that lets you easily detach the pistol from the mixing head so you can switch to rinsing or to access the container.

Made in USA.

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