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This Austrian-made clothes dryer is a far cry from the space-hogging rotary clothes lines of decades past. It folds into a slim tower when not in use, and has a UV-resistant nylon cover to protect the lines and frame from dirt and weathering; the dryer can be easily removed to leave your yard obstacle-free, or for off-season storage. Strong and lightweight, it is made largely of powder-coated aluminum with drying lines that have a UV-resistant coating for durability.

A gas spring mechanism makes opening or closing the arms an easy task; when open, the dryer rotates freely, allowing you to hang laundry from a single position. With six detents that let you set the height between 63" and 71" to accommodate your reach, the dryer spans nearly 10' and provides a total of about 162 linear feet of line.

The removable ground screw anchor supplied is suitable for most soil conditions, but can also be permanently set in a concrete base you make.

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