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With this kit, you can install a space-saving ironing board that simply folds away into a drawer when you're finished using it.

As you pull the drawer open, the folded ironing board travels along a pair of slides and unfolds to form a 37 1/4" long by 12" wide surface.

Width-adjustable to fit drawer spaces from 14 1/2" to 20 1/4" wide and a minimum of 4" tall by 19 1/2" deep, the side-mount slides install in frameless built-in cabinets (3/4" minimum material thickness).

It can be built into a new drawer cabinet construction or easily retrofitted into an existing one; you supply the handle and drawer front, which mounts on two integral brackets.

Largely made of heavy-gauge steel with a durable powder-coat finish. Supplied with installation instructions and all mounting hardware, as well as a fitted cotton cover with a thick layer of underpadding.

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