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A combination of flashlight and headlamp, this is an extremely bright and versatile light that can be mounted on the headband for hands-free lighting or easily detached for close-up lighting.

It can also be attached to ferrous surfaces by its magnetic base for temporary area lighting. With a full intensity of 2000 lumens, it can illuminate up to 165m (over 540') away, and has an adjusting beam focus from a 30° spotlight to a 70° floodlight.

At maximum intensity when first switched on, it is dimmable down to a low of 6 lumens. It is powered by a rechargeable, high-capacity lithium-ion battery and is also compatible with two CR123 batteries (you supply) in case you’re somewhere that charging is not possible.

With a full charge, it will operate at the highest setting for over 2 hours, and up to 260 hours at the lowest setting.

Additional adhesive-backed bracket for helmet mounting and USB charging cable included.

Replacement rechargeable lithium-ion battery sold separately.

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