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These are versatile lanterns. Waterproof, lightweight and compact, they inflate so they can be carried as a flashlight, set on a surface or hung using the integral strap. On top of that, you don't have to carry spare batteries – eight hours of sun fully recharges the long-lasting battery, and the charge is retained for up to a year between uses. The batteries have a consistent output right to the end of their charge, and can be recharged repeatedly for years of use.

The frosted lantern has 10 warm white LEDs for a cozier ambient light. The clear lantern has 10 cool white LEDs for clear lighting. Both have low, high and attention-getting flash settings, and provide10 hours of illumination on the 65-lumen high setting. They measure 5" in diameter and inflate from 1" to 4 1/4" tall.

Popular for use outdoors when boating or camping, and as an alternative to candles for a power failure kit.

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