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These are our favorite pens. What makes them write so well is their ceramic ball point, which has a special dimpled surface similar to that of a golf ball. This lets it pick up ink from the cartridge more readily than an ordinary smooth ball, and also shed it more evenly onto paper; you get a crisp, saturated line with only a light stroke every time.

The water-based black ink dries instantly on paper, so it won’t smudge (a big plus for left-handed writers). Ink cartridges are long lasting but replacements are available.

Pens come in a 3/8" diameter slim model (4 3/4" long uncapped, 5 1/2" capped) and a 1/2" diameter thick-barreled version (5" uncapped, 5 1/2" capped), each with a rugged bronze-colored aluminum casing. The slim model is also available with the Lee Valley logo printed on a blue-colored casing.

Made in Japan. They make an excellent gift.

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