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Digital technology has changed many aspects of daily life, but one thing that hasn't changed is the great creative potential in the simple act of putting pen to paper. Blending high and low tech, this notebook provides a place to work out ideas through drawing and handwriting, while making it dead simple to create and save digital copies of your work. And when all pages have been filled, the entire notebook can be erased in seconds to use it over again.

The 8 1/2" × 9 1/2" spiral-bound notebook contains 80 pages of acid-free, fine-grain paper, each with a light grid pattern of dots spaced 5mm apart (useful for scale drawings). Just take a photo of the pages with your smartphone or tablet; the free app automatically crops and sharpens the images, then saves them to the cloud service of your choice, organized by page number as well as by category, helpful if you use the notebook for multiple projects.

The notebook comes with a blue FriXion fine-point pen, which uses a special heat-sensitive ink that can be erased two ways.

The eraser on the end of the pen works through friction, leaving no smudges or eraser crumbs on the paper. Or simply heat the entire book in a microwave oven to erase everything at once (but it's probably best not to tell your accountant that you're cooking the books). Faint traces of your original marks may remain, so the pages can be reused about five times.

Red and green FriXion pens also sold separately.