Accessibility Statement


This notebook lets you remove pages without tearing, making it easy to scan, copy or reorganize. The pages have T-shaped openings along one edge that fit around the aluminum discs of the notebook's spine. A gentle tug on a page is all that is needed to pull it free; to reattach it to the spine, simply press the page back into place. A pleasure to write on, the smoothly finished, fine-grain paper is ruled at 8mm (5/16") spacing, and is heavy enough that even fountain pen ink doesn't bleed through.

The notebook opens flat and folds back on itself, so you can hold it in one hand like a notepad. Available in two sizes, with cardstock covers: the small 5" x 4" notebook has 120 pages, and the large 8" x 6" notebook has 144 pages.

Made in Belgium since 1948, each makes a useful and appreciated gift.