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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

For anyone who’s spent much time on a cold, hard seat at a sports arena, campsite or elsewhere, here’s a way to instantly upgrade your seating without having to lug a bulky cushion everywhere you go.

Lightweight and highly portable, the cushion deflates to form a compact bundle to fit neatly in a backpack, jacket pocket or glove compartment, so you can take it practically anywhere.

Whenever you need it, simply unroll it, open the valve and blow it up. Just a puff or two of air is all it takes to form a surprisingly comfortable cushion that conforms to contours (both yours and the seat’s), while being firm enough to support your weight without bottoming out.

It also helps keep you warm in chilly conditions, adding a layer of insulation over an inch thick between you and whatever you’re sitting on. The rugged heavy-gauge material resists punctures and abrasion, repels dirt and moisture, and is easy to clean.

Of course, it’s also good to have for knee protection when gardening or for other tasks that require kneeling for long periods.