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Though compact and lightweight, this bicycle pump is certainly not “light duty.”

Just over 6 1/2" long and weighing only 3 oz, it’s portable enough to bring with you on the road and is built to handle plenty of use. It has a strong aluminum alloy housing – no flimsy plastic here – as well as robust, dependable seals, minimizing air leakage.

The flexible 4 1/4" outlet hose is easily snaked around spokes to register it on a tire valve. The reversible hose has a Schrader fitting on one end and a Presta fitting on the other, so you always have the one you need (whether for yourself or a fellow cyclist).

The pump delivers up to 150 psi, and it doesn't require a lot of muscle power to pump tires to that pressure. Supplied with a bracket, fasteners and a hex key for mounting the pump to a bicycle frame, as well as a needle-valve tip, a conical inflatables tip and a basic tire-patch kit.

A worthy addition to any cyclist’s tool kit.

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