This is an excellent portable cookstove. Fuelled with leaves, twigs or just about any combustible material you can gather in the field, it easily generates enough heat to boil a litre of water in just a few minutes.

The secret is the built-in fan, which blows air from below the fire basin to accelerate combustion. It also has a wind baffle to help focus the heat. The fan runs quietly for up to 40 hours on two AA batteries (not included) and has an airflow regulator so you can easily adjust the flames.

The pot stand adjusts to support pots of various sizes (50 lb capacity). The 1.6 lb stove has a stable six-legged base made of strong, lightweight aluminum, and collapses to a compact 8" × 5" × 1 3/4" bundle to fit into a backpack.

A terrific gift for any camper, backpacker or canoeist. Made in Canada.