Accessibility Statement


Originally developed for runners and cyclists, this simple, compact tote lets you carry a few loose articles without being encumbered by a backpack or handbag. When empty, the pouch lies flat and measures only 1 1/2" wide by 8 3/4" long, but you'd be surprised what can fit inside it. The pleated design and elastic fabric expand to easily contain an assortment of small items – anything up to about the size of a thick 4" × 7" book. Lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive, the cushioned belt cinches snug against your body, while the elastic pouch hugs the contents, helping to keep things from bouncing around as you move. The belt adjusts to fit waists from 24" to 47".

A practical, hands-free accessory for travellers, outdoors enthusiasts or those just taking a stroll. It also makes an apt gift for a companion who routinely avoids carrying a bag, but doesn't hesitate to ask if you'd "mind holding onto a few things" when you’re out together.

Made in USA.

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