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This line of practical, durable products has been discontinued. While quantities last, we’re offering selected items at discounts of 30 to 50% off our regular prices.

These products are sewn from a material we named "Tree Leather" for its outstanding durability; they stand up so well to everyday wear and tear, it’s hard to believe they’re paper products. The industrial-grade kraft paper is made from pulp that is processed in a way that leaves the long fibers unbroken, taking advantage of their natural strength and resilience.

In our testing, we soaked, poked, pulled and overstuffed them, all without significant wear or damage. After many months of use, the material simply gained a softer, more pliable texture. It’s also easy to clean by simply rinsing it off or wiping the surface with a wet, soapy cloth. And of course, because it's paper, you can easily personalize any of these items with paints, markers or other decorative touches, or even write on them in a pinch, jotting notes, travel details or contact numbers.

The document wallet is an 11 1/2" × 6 1/4" portfolio-style folding sleeve with cotton-trimmed edges, snap closures and a zippered spine to permit access to paperwork held inside.

The passport wallet is just over 4" wide and 5 5/8" high when closed. Full-height pockets on each side hold the passport cover, leaving two 2 1/2" × 3" card sleeves and a large full-height open-side pocket for a boarding pass or itinerary.

The tall wallet measures about 4" × 7 1/4" when folded, and has six credit-card sized slots and a clear plastic window for an ID card. Behind the slots are four sleeves so you can separate currency of different sizes – convenient for international travel, or for keeping coupons, tickets or receipts accessible when closer to home.

The billfold wallet is 3 3/4" high by 4 3/4" wide when folded. Its outer face is slightly longer than the inner, which makes it want to stay closed. Inside, it has six pockets (not just cut slots) for cards, and is reinforced on the center fold line. An excellent low-profile wallet that won’t make you feel like you’re carrying a pocketbook.

The lunch bag measures about 5 3/4" × 9 1/2" × 11" tall, with a sturdy cotton handle and a fold-over closure. It has sturdy seams and a gusseted bottom, so it stands open while you fill it and won’t droop if you set it down.

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