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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

The hard truth about rigid coolers is that the more they hold, the more space they take up when not in use.

This collapsible cooler is the exception. It’s the only one we’ve seen that simply deflates and rolls up when you’re finished with it, so it occupies much less storage space.

When you need it, simply unroll it and open the valve – air automatically rushes in as the internal passive-inflation channels pop back to their original shape, so you don’t have to blow or pump it up. (You can add a few puffs of air for extra rigidity, but it’s not needed for the cooler to insulate well.) Just retighten the valve, tuck the corner gussets and fasten the side clips to form it into a box, and the cooler is ready to go.

We were surprised how well it works, holding ice easily as long as a typical hard plastic cooler. It’s more comfortable to transport too, with broad woven-nylon handles that don’t dig into your hand, and cushioned sides that won’t bash your hip when you carry it by the adjustable shoulder strap.

Ruggedly constructed from heavy-gauge PVC, it has a tough, waterproof exterior and a food-safe, seamless liner that’s removable for easy cleaning. Measuring 9" x 15" x 11 1/2", it easily holds 30 standard beverage cans plus 12 lb of ice. An outstandingly practical, compact design.

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