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Made from "Tree Leather," a material we named for its outstanding durability, this reusable lunch bag stands up so well to everyday wear and tear, it's hard to believe it's a paper product.

The industrial-grade, FSC-certified kraft paper is made from pulp processed in a way that leaves the long fibers unbroken, taking advantage of their natural strength and resilience.

In our testing, it was soaked, poked, pulled and overstuffed, all without significant wear or damage, simply gaining a softer, more pliable texture after many months of use. It can be wiped with a wet, soapy cloth, rinsed or even fully immersed for a thorough cleaning.

About 5 3/4" × 9 1/2" × 11" tall, it has a sturdy cotton handle and a fold-over closure, as well as sturdy seams and a gusseted bottom, so it stands open while you fill it and won’t droop if you set it down. And because it's paper, your lunch bag can even be personalized with paints, markers or other decorative touches.

A handsome alternative to ordinary disposable lunch bags.

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