Accessibility Statement


Originally billed as "the minimalist key ring with maximum strength," the KeySmart line was invented in Chicago and brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 (then the most successful campaign to date). They are robust and thoughtfully designed products that fit most standard keys and require no tools – the posts unscrew with a coin to add or change keys.

The original KeySmart organizes up to eight keys and fits nicely in a pocket. Consisting of aluminum front and back plates, two stainless-steel screws and posts, it includes a stainless-steel loop ring (uses one key space) to attach to a car remote. It fits nicely in a pocket or purse without poking.

Available in three colors, it holds eight keys but can accommodate up to 14 keys with the purchase of the optional accessory pack.

Additional accessory tools (each replaces a key) are available separately.

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