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Besides outstanding strength and durability, these storage containers have double-sealed lids so that once they are closed nothing can get in – or leak out. Manufactured to our specifications, they are made of Tritan copolymer, an advanced composite material that looks like glass but withstands impact, abrasion, extreme temperatures, and everyday wear and tear unlike any ordinary plastic. You can drop the container, step on it or wash it repeatedly in a dishwasher without harming it in any way.

To form a reliable seal, each has two O-rings – one inside the lid and one around the neck of the container – so even if the container is buried, no sand or grit can infiltrate the threads. When the lid is closed tightly, what's outside the container stays outside, and what’s inside stays inside – no odor or moisture can escape, so the contents won't dry out if stored in arid conditions.

Both 0.2" thick O-rings are made of silicone so they won’t shrink, split or tear easily. The stackable containers have textured lids as well as indentations in both the sides and lid for excellent grip, even with wet hands. Free of BPA and other harmful additives, all parts are food-safe and won’t absorb flavors.

All are about 3" in diameter. Highly recommended.

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