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As anyone with a pickup truck or utility trailer knows, there are never enough spots to attach ropes or bungees. With these sturdy removable tie-down anchors, you can add one wherever and whenever needed. They can be quickly positioned and tightened in place using the sturdy zinc-plated steel clamping screw, which has a foot to seat securely on flat or angled surfaces.

The body is made of steel plate with a thick PVC coating. The hook holds hooks and ropes up to 3/4" in diameter. Maximum load capacity is 600 lb (272kg). While these anchors fit the rails of most utility trailers and pickup truck models, we recommend you check available clearance before ordering; each anchor has a 1 3/4" jaw capacity and 1" throat depth. A tough, useful accessory.

If you need a strap, our 1" wide, 20' long fast strap is available separately.

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