These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

Regardless of weight, many loads are difficult to carry because they are bulky, contain multiple items, or don't offer a convenient handhold. Strap-A-Handle cinches around hard-to-carry loads, bundling them together with a 2" wide woven nylon belt and adding a sturdy EVA foam handle.

The 48" strap is best for narrow items such as lumber, pipe, or rolled carpet, since the handle is parallel to the load. Two people can even use two handles in tandem to move especially long objects. Rated to 75 lb, it has a robust metal H-ring that adjusts the strap length easily.

The longer 96" strap is for broad, bulky loads weighing up to 40 lb, such as boxes, bags of soil or pet food, or bulk grocery packages. Its strong nylon buckle has a double-sided slide release to adjust the length on either side of the buckle, so you can position the handle as needed.

A handy, reliable way to tame awkward loads.