This is the ultimate family pumpkin-carving set. Not only are the tools well made with safety in mind, but the 18-piece set provides enough tools so everyone in the family can join in. Produced by Grampa Bardeen’s, a family business specializing in pumpkin-carving accessories since 1943, it covers everything from hollowing the shell to incising fine details.

The set includes 10 blunt-tipped hand saws that allow excellent control and are much safer to use than a kitchen knife. You get two coarse-tooth saws for carving out the lid and other rough cuts, plus four medium and four detail saws for more intricate work. The set also includes two wide scoops for spooning out seeds, three steel-tipped pokers used to transfer carving designs from paper, and three pumpkin drills for hand-boring three sizes of round holes.

Sixteen jack-o'-lantern patterns are included, along with expert carving tips and instructions, and even recipes for pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. All tools are made in USA with strong polycarbonate handles; saws are made from spring-steel coping-saw blades with a Teflon coating to resist binding and protect against corrosion from acidic pumpkin juice. A great way to make the most of a family tradition – or start a new one.

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