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Inspired by the conceptual drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, these interactive models are as fun to build as they are to play with. The accurately cut and drilled wood parts need no edge sanding, and each kit can be assembled in about two hours, requiring only glue that you supply. Detailed instructions are provided.

The ornithopter (Greek for bird-winged) is a design for an aircraft that uses the arm and leg movements of a human pilot to flap birdlike wings, simulated in this model by turning a hand crank. Standing about 9" tall with a 23" wingspan, it is suitable for ages 9 and up.

The catapult is da Vinci's improvement of the designs that had been used for centuries. Unlike catapults of the time, which relied on heavy counterweights or twisted ropes, it uses the energy supplied by bending two wooden posts to launch its projectile. A ball of soft clay is included for ammunition. Standing about 10" tall when assembled, it is suitable for ages 12 and up.

Great gifts for any modelmaker.

Ornithopter not available for shipment to Québec.

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