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Originally developed for scuba divers, these zip-closure bags are also of use to travellers, campers or anyone who needs to keep a wallet, camera or other gear dry. They are lightweight and easily folded or rolled to fit into a pocket, and you can even operate touchscreen devices through the walls of the bag.

Made of 6-mil thick polyethylene, they are watertight (to a depth of 200'/60m), impenetrable by dust and sand, and pliable enough to resist cracking in -40°F/°C temperatures.

We found the 3 3/4" × 7" size useful for small articles such as a cell phone or matches, while the 4 1/2" × 7" is suitable for a passport. Maps, paperbacks or tablet computers fit inside the 8 1/4" × 11" bag, and the 12" × 12" size holds an SLR camera or other bulky items. Although durable, the bags won't last indefinitely in use, and should be checked for signs of wear before reuse.

Available in an assorted package of four sizes (3 3/4" × 7", 4 1/2" × 7", 6 1/4" × 9", 8 1/4" × 11") as well as packages of two single-size bags. Measurements given are nominal. NSF- and FDA-approved food safe. Highly recommended.

Made in USA.