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In many regions of Europe, spritz cookies, or Spritzgebäck, are a traditional holiday favorite. The name comes from the German word for “squirt”, referring to the way the batter is squeezed through dies to form distinctive patterns.

This Italian-made ratcheting press is the best we’ve found. Easy to use and built to last, it lets you consistently produce batches of cookies with uniform details worthy of a professional baker. It comes with 20 dies in various patterns, such as a Christmas tree, a heart, stars and flowers, and can be set to two cookie sizes.

The large aluminum barrel holds enough batter to make 35 to 40 small cookies or 20 to 25 large cookies, and you can use the included handle extension for added leverage when squeezing out thick batter. The included instructional booklet contains biscuit recipes along with suggested variations.

Disassembles easily for cleaning by hand. A reliable design that simplifies making treats for special occasions.

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