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A festive spin on individually sized cakes, this pan lets you make a whole village of miniature house-shaped cakes.

The high-quality cast mold produces crisp details; each of the six houses has unique features to add variety to the village, and they look good whether you decorate them with icing and candy or simply dust them with powdered sugar “snow.” It makes a great group activity, giving each participant a chance to decorate their own house. A recipe is included to make an orange-flavored cake.

Made from heavy aluminum with a reflective exterior, this pan bakes evenly and consistently, leaving the cakes nicely browned. The non-stick interior means you can count on releasing the cakes with their details intact, despite the mold’s complexity.

Creates six individual 3" × 3" × 3" cakes. The pan is 12" in diameter overall, with a 6 cup capacity.

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