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The flow-through design of this dough mixer allows dough to pass through three loops in succession, quickly mixing the ingredients. Since it has only 5% of the surface area of a standard mixing spoon, it mixes faster, requires less force, combines ingredients more evenly, and doesn't overwork the dough in the process.

The secret to its effectiveness is that the hardened stainless-steel loops of different diameters are in three separate planes, one behind the other. The design originated with the Danes long ago, but now the whisk is made only in Poland.

It would take a full catalog page to cover all the alternative uses of the whisks, which range from preparing bread dough to cookie and muffin batter, pie filling, and pastry. If you search "Danish dough whisk" on the web, you can find numerous other uses and many enthusiastic reviews.

The whisks have close-grained European beech handles.

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