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A traditional Norwegian festive holiday favorite, krumkake (pronounced kroom-kah-kuh) is a crisp, delicate cone-shaped cookie made on a griddle iron and sometimes filled with whipped cream or fruit. Variations of this treat can be found elsewhere in Scandinavia and around the world. Pizzelle, an Italian waffle cookie, can also be made using this iron.

This cookie iron has been produced by a Minnesota-based company since 1948. It is made from cast aluminum and incorporates a griddle that embosses a decorative design on the batter as it cooks. The griddle plates rest in a base that lets you easily flip the plates over to ensure even cooking.

The warm, flexible cookie can be rolled with the supplied wooden cone, cooled, and served plain with a light dusting of sugar or with a filling. Suitable for use on gas, electric and ceramic-top stoves. Comes with recipes (English only).

A classic tool likely to inspire family cookie-making traditions.

Not available for shipment to Quebec.

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