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For those who enjoy homemade pizza, these are sure to become well-used standbys in the kitchen. The 14" wide paddle-shaped peel has a bevelled edge that slides neatly under the crust so you can deftly pluck the pizza from a hot oven before bringing it to the table, where you can slice and serve the pizza right from its cut-resistant surface.

The rocker's 16" arc-shaped blade slices the pizza in neat, straight lines with a simple back-and-forth rocking motion – unlike a wheel-style cutter, it won't drag toppings across the pizza like a snowplow.

Both tools are made of a durable, lightweight wood-fiber and resin composite that's dishwasher safe, NSF-approved for food safety, and resistant to stains, odors and temperatures up to 350°F/176°C. Each has a hang hole for storage on a hook. Pizza peel and rocker are also available individually.

Made in USA.

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