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Traditionally used in the U.K. for making marmalades and other preserves, this maslin pan is made from sturdy, polished stainless steel.

It features a three-layer base with a central slab of aluminum completely encased in stainless steel to evenly distribute heat and prevent hot spots that could burn pan contents.

The pan is shaped like a giant teacup, designed to provide maximum evaporation while still fitting nicely on a burner. It flares from an 8" diameter base (well over 1/4" thick) to a 12" diameter top opening and has a 9 litre (about 9 quart) capacity.

As well as its traditional use in marmalade, jam, jelly and candy making, it is perfect for preserving with its center bail, tipping handle and formed pouring spout. The handle combination makes it particularly easy to control for filling jars or molds. A notch locks the bail in an upright position, allowing you to tip the pan steeply to drain it to the last drop. Because the pan is all steel, you can even put it in the oven. Includes a stainless-steel lid for making soups or other dishes.

Although long popular in Europe, this versatile pan is relatively new to North America.

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