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This is an outstanding zester. It has a pattern of raised V-shaped teeth that have been chemically etched to a sharp edge for almost effortless cutting. Additionally, the blades have a non-stick coating that lets material glide smoothly over the surface and reduces the potential for clogging. It has hundreds of tiny perforations to quickly produce ultra-fine shavings with a light, feathery texture.

Not just for zesting citrus, it is also useful for grating hard cheese, chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon, as well as puréeing garlic or ginger. To contain zested material, a transparent holder marked with graduations up to 20ml and 2 tbsp is included. The holder's integral squeegee sweeps material from the underside of the 1" × 6" blade as the holder is removed.

The generously sized handle is offset to let you hold your wrist at a natural angle, and is coated in soft thermoplastic rubber for a secure, comfortable grip. A non-skid cushioned tip helps prevent slippage when braced against a surface. Comes with a removable storage cover.

A highly recommended tool.

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