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Manufactured in Italy since the 1930s, this traditional hand-crank pasta machine lets you quickly roll and cut uniform strands of fresh homemade pasta with ease.

Simply feed the dough into the 5 5/8" wide rollers to press it into a thin sheet, and then pass the sheet through the removable cutter. A locking adjustment dial lets you select from 10 thicknesses from 1/32" to 5/32" (0.8mm to 4mm). The supplied double cutter head makes 1/16" (1.5mm) tagliolini (flat spaghetti) or 1/4" (6mm) fettuccine, but pressed dough can also be hand cut to make dishes such as lasagna or ravioli.

Weighing 6 lb, the unit has a heavy-duty chromed steel housing, anodized aluminum rollers and cutters, and a hand crank that detaches for storage. The 7 1/2" × 5" base has non-slip rubber feet. An included screw clamp attaches to a counter or table top for stability in use. Instructions and recipes included. Simply wipes clean with a soft brush or dry cloth.

Sold separately, the optional 100W electric motor mounts in place of the handle to drive the pasta machine – a great help when you have a large batch of pasta to prepare.

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