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Making popcorn on a stove top can be tricky. To avoid burning it, you need to keep the kernels moving, usually by vigorously shaking the pot back and forth the entire time. These poppers use a built-in stirring device to mix the corn as you turn a crank. Our tests proved they are simple to use and better than other methods, including microwave and hot-air poppers. Virtually every kernel pops, and nothing sticks to the bottom of the 6 quart pots.

The original Whirley-Pop popcorn popper, produced since the 1920s, is a true classic. Sturdily made of aluminum, it has a light-duty gear-driven stirring device operated by turning a crank at the end of the handle.

Responding to requests from customers and staff, we’re also offering a stainless-steel version that can be used on stoves of all types, including induction stoves. It has all-metal gears for increased durability.

An easy, old-fashioned way to make popcorn on your stove top.

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