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Made by Kyocera, a Japanese company with a long history of crafting ceramic cutlery, these are excellent knives. Their blades are an innovative ceramic that is stronger, denser and finer grained than typical ceramic blades, staying sharp twice as long as Kyocera’s regular ceramic knives – which already hold an edge ten times longer than steel knives.

The blades are hand sharpened to an edge fine enough to make millimetre-thin slices with little effort, excellent for cutting soft foods without crushing them. The non-porous ceramic is impervious to rust and resistant to staining, and because it is chemically inert, it helps reduce browning in sliced fruits and vegetables. Lightweight and well balanced, the knives feel like a natural extension of your arm in use and reduce fatigue for repetitive tasks. A slight upward angle to the handles provides extra knuckle clearance over a counter or cutting board.

The set of three knives covers a wide range of common tasks. The paring knife, with a 3" long blade, is ideal for detail work like trimming, peeling and creating garnishes. The 4 1/2" utility knife is excellent for precise slicing and straight cuts, and the 5 1/2" santoku is a general-purpose knife well suited to slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats and fish.

More resistant to chipping and breakage than most ceramic knives, if handled with care (sticking to boneless meats and wood or plastic cutting boards, and avoiding frozen foods, prying and other rough handling), they will give many years of use.

With their practical designs and remarkable sharpness, these knives are sure to become favorites in your kitchen.

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