While these are excellent tools for anyone who wants to create the spookiest jack-o'-lantern on the block, chefs have long used them to make decorative fruit and vegetable carvings for all occasions.

Made in Solingen, Germany, by Triangle, manufacturers of professional-grade culinary utensils, the set covers the whole process from hollowing the shell to detail cuts. The saw’s 2 3/4" blade has a slender, curved shape for excellent control and a blunt tip to avoid mishaps. The angle cutter makes tidy V-shaped incisions that can be linked to cut a jagged-edged lid or add other distinctive touches to your jack-o'-lantern design. The scoop’s pronounced curvature simplifies the messy task of spooning out seeds from pumpkins or other gourds and squashes as well as melons.

Each tool has a sturdy stainless-steel blade and a durable plastic handle with a textured grip surface. Includes templates for various eye, nose and mouth patterns that can be mixed, matched or used as inspiration to create your own unique designs.

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