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Discontinued. Limited stock.

For those who avoid recipes in unfamiliar units of measure (metric or Imperial), this calculator designed by Lee Valley removes all the mystery of unit conversion.

It will convert any of the units in one system to the equivalent measure in the other system. It will also convert oven temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

Possibly most important is that it solves the problem of converting grams to cups (or tablespoons or fluid ounces, etc.) for 100 common ingredients by using a simple factor, avoiding the need for a weight scale in either system of measurement.

Simple and intuitive to use, it also functions as a standard mathematical calculator.

The integral cover (with operating instructions printed on the inside) protects it from kitchen spills. Powered by light with a button-cell battery back-up, it works under any light conditions. 5 3/4" × 3 3/4".

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