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Some recipes, particularly those in old or European cookbooks, list dry ingredients by weight rather than by volume. This convenient measuring cup lets you measure out weights of 23 different dry ingredients by their equivalent volume, saving you the trouble of having to use a kitchen scale.

It measures rolled oats, bread crumbs, dry coconut, corn flour, cocoa, ground almonds, shredded suet, sugar, rice, haricots (white beans), lentils, barley, peas, sultanas, tapioca, ground rice, currants, semolina, raisins, custard powder, flour, milk powder and icing sugar.

In addition, it has standard volume graduations in U.S. and British cups and pints (up to 1 1/2 cups), as well as millilitres (up to 400ml).

Made in the U.K., as it has been since the 1800s, the tin cone is graduated on the inside wall for easy measuring. A simple alternative to using various measuring cups, spoons and scales (and having to wash them all afterwards!).

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