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Highly rated by professional chefs, the Javelin thermometer gives accurate readings in 4 seconds. This means less time with the oven or barbecue open, so cooking temperatures remain more stable. Such quick results also permit precise control over tasks such as candymaking or preparing seafood, as you can see when critical temperature thresholds are approaching before it’s too late.

The thermometer turns on automatically when you fold out the 2 1/2" probe and shuts off when you close it (or after 60 minutes of inactivity, to preserve battery life). The unit measures 7 1/2" overall and has an internal magnet for attachment to a fridge or other convenient steel surface. Accurate to ±0.9°F (±0.5°C), readings are given in Fahrenheit or Celsius, within an operating range of -40° to 482°F (-40° to 250°C). Comes with a button-cell battery and a 3-year warranty.

NSF-rated for food safety, it’s a dependable, professional-grade tool, with plenty of practical uses in any kitchen.

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