Accessibility Statement


Designed with cross-back shoulder straps to prevent neck strain, our aprons are made from tan-colored 100% cotton canvas, a washable material that is lightweight yet strong. Both have generously cut bibs for ample front and side coverage, plus adjustable shoulder and waist straps with easy-to-operate quick-release clips.

Compartments in the top pocket hold pencils, rules or small tools. The two bottom pockets can hold a variety of tools or just be a comfortable resting spot for hands. They have side ports for easy access and to help keep out dust and chips, and their angled inside corners don’t trap small objects.

Our small apron measures about 26" long by 21" wide, with 9" × 5 1/2" lower pockets, while the large measures about 34" long by 28" wide, with 14" × 8" lower pockets.

Made in Canada.

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